Photo Tip 13 – Creative Editing Part II

This picture (above) was taken of the Beautiful garden of Art which the club was kindly invited in to take pictures by the owners Carlos and Astrid. What a venue!! What a feast for a photographer. The time of day was important here as the sun is lost late afternoon.

There is a narrow depth of field to emphasise the reclining figure and the photographer’s own reflection in the mirror. The converging verticals add drama. The position chosen to take the picture was carefully worked out to give a hint of some as the many works of art and strange features in this garden of many secrets. At the same time, it was important to make a good picture within a picture with the reflected photographers image with the palm fan and distant mountains.

Some post editing was done mostly to bring out the clouds in the sky and to control the brightness of the whites. Some clarity and vibrance was added to emphasise the beautiful colours and textures. Sometimes if you get the subject and the lighting right there is little need for editing.

The artist Carlos Calderon Yruegas and Author of this extraordinary garden of many mysteries has kindly accepted an invitation to give his comments on the pictures club members took and to talk about his life and art.

This will take place at our New venue “The Robins Nest Bar” on Tuesday the 7th of November from 6-00 to 8-00. Paul and Mandy who run this very friendly pub have kindly allowed us to have our monthly open meetings there from 6-00 to 8-00 the first Tuesday of every month.

This showing of the club’s pictures and talk from Carlos is open to anyone, so please come along and have a chat about photography and art with Carlos and Club Members. For more information about this evening and the club generally, please email: Also visit our Facebook page: Corralejo Camera Club Friends.