Photo Tip 11 – Creativity

Photography is all about creativity. That creativity can continue after the picture is taken. Every picture you take has a Thousand interpretations with editing. The pictures above are 2 interpretations of the same picture. There is nothing added to the original interpretations. It is just basic editing. Developing contrast, colour, vibrancy, highlights, shadows.

Set your camera can take raw files if it can. Raw files have far more information than the usual jpeg. Files. When you use the jpeg option on your camera, it just means the camera processor selects one possible interpretation of the scene in front of you. It is still possible to edit a jpeg but it is more limited as the information just isn’t there. A raw file has all possible interpretations and editing can create some spectacular results.

With experience, you can see the edited picture in your mind’s eye before you take it. Often the emotional content of the picture is lost in the original jpeg and its only with editing, that the picture you saw with your eyes and emotions can be recreated. There are a thousand different results that can be obtained from the original picture. Have some fun and take a few pics and give each one 10 interpretations. Be creative and enjoy your photography.

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