October Competition Results – Architecture

Corralejo Camera Club Competition ‘Architecture’ October 2020 


Judge: Barney Jones 


First of all, thank you for the invitation to act as judge for you for a second competition. I’m fully aware that we are all living in extraordinary times at present, so my first reaction is to say, “Well done,” for pulling together a lovely set of photos for me to judge. 

I shoot architecture regularly, mainly in the holiday lettings and occasionally the estate agency market, and I have also undertaken work for the travel industry too, so from time to time through this judging, I will refer to images I have shot as a point of reference. 

And at the end I am going to give you all some tips to help improve what is an interesting set of photos.  Look under ‘Top Tips’






Advanced results … and why: 

Picking a top three out of this lot is not easy as there are a number of contenders. 


Choices for its well executed concept; 

North London Skyline from the O2, again for its great concept and the willingness to use monochrome; 

Religious Architecture for its well balanced lighting; 

Screw City Night Skyline for its simple but effective concept; 

Time to Relax and Reflect again for well balanced lighting of a difficult subject; Two Famous Tamar Bridges for its unusual approach to a well known subject; York Minster for its excellent lighting balance. 

Three of the above are Commended and the top three below are Highly  Commended, along with Time to Relax and Reflect, also Highly Commended. 

The results in reverse order 

Third place: Choices 

This image picks up third place on the basis of its pure simplicity in concept and execution. 

Second place: North London Skyline from the O2 

Sometimes you have to be brave and taking this into monochrome really works very well indeed. 

First place: Screw City Night Skyline 

This is a real “thinking outside the box” image, forgetting the constraints of the subject and putting your own slant, (pun intended), into an image that ultimately leaps off the screen at you. 

Congratulations to you all.