About Our Club

A camera club for all who live or holiday in Fuerteventura. We meet the first Wednesday of each month for sharing our photos and experiences. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced photographer you are always welcome. We are a friendly club with the aim of having fun with photography.


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Competition Results

September Competition Results – Portraits

Fuerteventura Camera Club Competition Results  – Portraits  September 2021 General introduction: Most of you know me and my passion for portrait photography, and that I have judged previous portrait competitions for the club. Photography is all in ‘the eye of the beholder’ and ‘telling a story’ any photograph can generate much debate and difference of…

August Competition Results -Texture

Fuerteventura Camera Club Results August 2021 TEXTURES. Judge:- Laura Woods   Hi again everyone, hope you’ve all had a lovely summer. We’ve had some pretty glorious weather here in Ireland, though we have missed going to places other than our own garden. Hope everyone’s coped alright this far with all the covid lockdowns. Thanks for…